Saving you precious work time

I can help you with your individual student and ensemble studio recordings, from initial student recording setup in their homes to editing and mixing the tracks into a studio recording of your ensemble.



Teaching Band, Chorus, & Orchestra Students 21st Century Music Production Skills

During the pandemic of 2020, teachers found themselves in the unique position of having to move their band, chorus, and orchestra into the cloud. While many music educators found this environment to be frustrating and to be avoided at all costs, Tom took the opportunity to expand his already existing blended learning curriculum into cloud-based in-home studio recording using the Music First LMS and Soundtrap. The playlists below highlight some of these student recording projects.



Imagine if your students could...

write their own solos, duets, and trios for their primary instrument; transcribe and arrange covers; compose original compositions for large ensembles.

learn how to use today's in-home studio hardware and software to produce quality recording takes free of background ambient sound.

collaborate with friends to edit, mix, master, and produce their own recordings of instrumental and vocal ensembles of all sizes.

I can help you through this process by teaching the basics, taking on the editing and mixing in the early stages, and helping you and your students produce quality studio recordings that will teach them life-long music production skills.