Blended Learning Approaches to Large Ensemble Music Rehearsal & Assessment

When I began teaching at The Center for Performing and Fine Arts in 2008, I had already had some experience as a beta tester for Smart Music. Back then, Smart Music was a local software application that drew from an online library of band and orchestra titles and exercises. It was the first software title for scholastic band and orchestra that was a multi-purpose backing track, sheet music reader, and performance assessment tool. At the time, the idea of web-based software wa

Denying Your Destiny: How You Define Yourself Changes Everything

How a Marching Band Director Became a Blended Learning Expert Did you ever have your mind made up about something, only to find that life had other plans for you? Think of a time when you thought you knew what you wanted, pursued it, and then reinvented yourself. What was that process like? In my case, I tend to learn things the hard way and to hold on to things longer than I should. It's been a theme throughout my life. Part of my upbringing as a student in marching bands an